In My Head

I’m trapped inside a tower,
I’ve been locked and lost the key,
Now the darkness that creeps in at night,
is my only company.
No one tries to save me here,
since they can’t hear my cries.
I pass my day in solitude,
watch the world move on outside.
This tower isn’t very grand,
It’s not really that tall.
But still I can’t escape it,
I can’t break free at all.
You can’t see this tower.
Just believe that it’s there instead.
Because my tower isn’t made of stone,
it’s all in my head.


Why am I in love alone?

In this lifetime, we find ourselves loving someone who doesn’t love us back.
It’s unfortunate and sad, but still it is something to treasure,
because we know that unconditional love do really exist.

Love isn’t really about loving someone and being reciprocated.
We don’t get to choose who we love, and we don’t get to choose who will love us.
Loving alone isn’t easy, it’s painful, you cry alone, you get sad alone.
Knowing all that, we really just can’t stop, do we?
Because we can’t unloved them, we are trying and failing.
As much as we can’t force someone to love us,
we can’t force ourselves to unloved them.
That’s reality.
And reality, oh, it will hit you hard.

And now, I am at this one-sided love stage.
It hurts, but what can I do?
Am I stupid? I guess (hope) not.
I tried to stop, but I can’t.
Because loving him is like breathing,
I just can’t stop.
The crying, the sleepless night, that’s not the problem.
The problem is, I am at this point in my life
where I would drop everything,
I would throw away my life just to be with him.
It’s frightening, because I’ve fallen in the kind of love that takes a lifetime to get over.


To him

I love you, and I hope you know.
I love you, and it’s hurting me.
I love you and it’s killing me.
But the funny thing is,
I don’t mind.

I miss you but I know I shouldn’t.
I miss you even though,
you don’t know me.
I love and miss you
that it suffocates me.

As I am writing this,
I am trying my best to hold my breath.
So no one would hear my weeps.

After writing this,
I’ll look myself in the mirror,
with tears in my eyes.
Asking myself,
why am I like this.
Then I’ll wipe away my tears,
and tell myself to stop,
but the tears won’t just stop.
So I’ll just look in the mirror
and cry until I can cry no more.



I want our body language to make the oceans stir into a beautiful hurricane.
I want to make the earth shake with the way you make me feel.
I want to take singing lessons, so I can attempt to serenade your favorite songs.
I want to see your smile every time I close and open my eyes.
But at the same time, I feel as though I hardly deserve to witness something so beautiful, and I want you to know, that every time I look at you, it is as if you are the only thing that has ever made sense in my life.